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As insurance goes, the top 5% of the people in Self-Funding plans are responsible for 90% of the claims.

But what if you could remove some of those top claims from your plan? That would be tremendous for cost and beneficial for both company and its employees.

This week's Heads Up Adviser Show guest has the key solution to deal with high-claim individuals and gives them options - other than a group health plan.

He came up with the process where it becomes possible to connect individuals with other options for health insurance. As a result, they'll voluntarily leave the plan - and take all these large claims with them.


Join the episode "How To Use Empathy & Compassion To Control Healthcare Costs" with the CEO of Samaritan Fund - Brett Morris.

Here's what we cover: 

✔️ The possibilities of individual health market
✔️ How to rewrite self-funding plans with a new scenario
✔️ Explaining the change for high-claim individuals


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