Get Sh*t Done for Insurance Brokers (with Jeffrey Gitomer)


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Draw the kids and sensitive souls away from the screens. 

This week we're joined by the King of Sales, a world-class expert, who is not afraid to put the word "SH*T" in the title of his new book... Jeffrey Gitomer. 

Bloggers literally make videos on how to get him to do the interview... because it's not easy. 

He's been a public speaker, bestselling author, and consultant for over 25 years, and NEVER made one cold call...

TUNE IN for our latest episode [GET SH*T DONE for Insurance Brokers] with Jeffrey Gitomer. 


Here's what we cover:  

- How to build relationships with a customer, ask for referrals and grow your sales in geometrical progression

- Prospecting with coffee ☕

- Why humor is a MUST

- Fighting procrastination

- How to create URGENCY in communication

- How to get that sh*t done

Don't forget that you can meet 10 amazing professionals in Healthcare, Sales & Marketing at the High Stakes Advising, August 3-4, 2020.

To a better you!

John Sbrocco and Craig Lack

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