Get Sh*t Done for Insurance Brokers (with Jeffrey Gitomer)


Meet John Sbrocco, Craig Lack, Paul Seegert, Jordan Belfort 6 other speakers at HIGH STAKES ADVISING (new date to be announced soon)


Draw the kids and sensitive souls away from the screens. 

This week we're joined by the King of Sales, a world-class expert, who is not afraid to put the word "SH*T" in the title of his new book... Jeffrey Gitomer. 

Bloggers literally make videos on how to get him to do the interview... because it's not easy. 

He's been a public speaker, bestselling author, and consultant for over 25 years, and NEVER made one cold call...

TUNE IN for our latest episode [GET SH*T DONE for Insurance Brokers] with Jeffrey Gitomer. 


Here's what we cover:  

- How to build relationships with a customer, ask for referrals and grow your sales in geometrical progression

- Prospecting with coffee ☕

- Why humor is a MUST

- Fighting procrastination

- How to create URGENCY in communication

- How to get that sh*t done

Don't forget that you can meet 10 amazing professionals in Healthcare, Sales & Marketing at the High Stakes Advising,  2020. (new date to be announced soon)

To a better you!

John Sbrocco and Craig Lack

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