How Rainmaker’s Recharge For the 4th Quarter 

The Stories We Tell Ourselves

As Broker’s we sometimes we get so caught up in the notion that if we take our foot of off the gas for even one second that our clients will leave us, our rivals will cherry-pick them until we have no one to serve, and ultimately the business we poured our flush dollar bills and sweat equity in will sink into an empty abyss.

This is the furthest fact from reality…

The truth is that your clients that like you and appreciate the service you provide WANT you to have a good time. That’s because all they really care about is that you take care of them when their needs arise. And if you have the correct business infrastructure in place, this won’t be an issue.

Realistically, the story that we create in our minds becomes a reinforcement that can either give us motivation and purpose or serve as an anchor that weighs us down. If we want to create astronomical success in our lives, we must consciously decide to choose thoughts and beliefs that propel us to greater heights.

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