How To Become A Student Of The Game


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What do you think really separates those how are massively successful from those that are just average?

Have you ever watched that show Pro’s vs. Joe’s? 

Craig brought it up in our chat and it was such a great example. 

In short, this show has a bunch of average guys who *think* they are awesome at a particular sport, go up against a professional athlete. And it’s not always an elite pro athlete - sometimes it’s a B-level player but the result is always the same.

The Pro dominates the Joe.

Craig’s point in bringing this up was that we often fail to realize what level of effort and dedication went into honing a particular skill. We look at ourselves in the mirror, poke our chests out, and think we can compete.  

Unless you’ve put in the work, your chances are small. You’ve got to become a student of the game.

In this episode, Craig and I walk you through the process of becoming a student of the game. 

Meeting Craig and learning from him over time, I always thought: “Well, he's just a smart guy and he knows all this stuff already.” 

And then getting closer to him, being around him on the regular, I started to realize this guy's a student of the game. 

He's doing things on the weekends. 

He's doing things when nobody's looking.

He’s not asking for praise.

He’s just putting in the work required to be an elite person in his industry.

Stay tuned as we talk about why it is so important to be a student of the game in this business and we also zero in on the formula for success.

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Key Points of Discussion:

  • Delayed gratification is a secret to being successful in anything (2:13)

  • Be willing to do things unsuccessful people aren't and you’ll be a success (3:06)

  • You’ve got to review your performance after you're done (5:21)

  • Being able to walk away, take the sale away, and not be needy (6:38)

  • About weekends, research, reading, and watching videos (7:36)

  • Of sales and psychology books, and those on behavioral economics (10:22)

  • Thinking about the gap between where I'm at and where I'd like to be (14:56)

  • Finding the button that's going to make the heart connect with the brain (16:12)

  • Focusing on what you're not great at, to get better (17:16)

  • What they know about how human beings make decisions (18:58)

  • Signing up for whatever made me uncomfortable and getting over it (22:03)

  • Trying and finding a hot button with whoever I'm going to talk to (23:00)

  • Craig on good books having fabulous ideas he can make money with (28:51)

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