I had the opportunity to sit down and talk to my client and good friend, Gary Bender, about really understand the CFO. 


Gary has been a CFO for many years, probably more than he wants to admit to, but he's been around the block and back. He understands the world the CFO’s live in.

Unlike most CFO's, he's actually an owner of a company as well, so he knows the ownership side. He also runs a group called CFO Solutions, that meets on a monthly basis to talk about best practices.

So, you can see that Gary is a unicorn. He's a business owner, runs a professional networking group, and will sit down on camera for a candid chat. How many other CFO's do you know like that?

You're probably reading this and wondering how you can get some sit down time with a CFO also. Well, in this chat Gary hares exactly how we can get in front of the elusive CFO.⁣

“I'd say to any broker: Find somebody that understands the CFO world and get in front of their groups. We do have CFO groups, they're rare. CFO’s are generally introverted. They’d rather be in the office and be out with 10 or 20 peers,” he explains.

“They don't want to be in the spotlight, but they don't have egos. They have power and control, but they don't have egos,” Gary adds.

If you've been out there prospecting CFO's, then this is a must-watch so you understand...

- What are the different types of CFO’s?
- What’s their actual role? How do you get these guys in a room?
- What are brokers doing wrong in those meetings?
- How can you use their facts and history when you communicate with CFO’s?

Press play above to dive into the full episode! ary

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