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Just like we use "Google it" to tell a person to look for something online, the equivalent of a face-to-face talk can soon be replaced with "Did you ZOOM it?"

We need to adapt to the existing reality. If you want to be more than a soulless email or message on the screen of your prospects or clients, you need to leverage video calls as soon as possible. And to do so, you need to be familiar with the ethics, rules, standards, and practical tools that will turn your ZOOM meeting into a real-life experience.


This week we've decided to give you a shortcut to mastering ZOOM calls, and there's no better way to do it than to invite a professional who's got over 15 years of experience in working on camera. 

Jess Todtfeld is one of the leading communication and media training authorities in the US, who holds the Guinness record for being interviewed most times. He joined us on the Heads Up Adviser Show to talk about "HOW TO SELL VIA ZOOM CONFERENCE."


Here's what we cover:

  • Your pre-meeting checklist
  • How to set up your home studio & background
  • What to say and what NOT to say on camera
  • DOs and DON'Ts of the perfect presentation on ZOOM
  • How to use your real-life stories to make your point
  • The grand opening and grand closing of every video call

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To a better you!

John Sbrocco and Craig Lack

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