Reframing How You Sell Healthcare - Is Your Prospect An Investor, Speculator or Gambler?

Is Your Prospect an Investor,  Speculator, or Gambler?
When it comes to allocate your budget to healthcare, are you an investor, speculator or gambler? 

For a large majority of the prospects that you pose this question to their first answer won't be the correct one. As humans, when our ideologies are questioned our gut instinct is to portray a projection of excellence, consequentially derived straight from our ego's. 

Predictably, your prospect will want to protect their self-image and will categorize themselves as educated investors. Unfortunately, you can't be a profitable investor by just claiming to be one. To have even the slightest chance of being in the green one's ears must be glued to the pulse of the market's price and value ends. 

Without the basic information, your prospect is rendered helpless, and even more devasting is the resulting limitation of purely existing as either a speculator or a gambler. Both personas lack clear and actionable strategies and are destined to lose before capital even enters the equation. 

That's why it's your job as a Healthcare Broker to hold up a mirror in front of their business and show them why what they're doing is wrong. Without rubbing it in their face. This can be achieved by using your knowledge of salesmanship and psychology to communicate the value of intelligent healthcare spending by leveraging the power of analogies, allegories, and stories.

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