Let's Get Specific With Hobson Carroll

Hobson Carroll is back on the podcast today! Hobson is a world-class actuary and we are sitting down to talk about specific deductibles.


We are going to dig into setting the deductible - what types of deductibles we can utilize to mitigate risks and price them appropriately. We may even get a whiteboard session to get really specific on specifics.

As Hobson notes, for a lot of people in today's world, the specific seems to be the most important thing, because everyone realizes that individuals have large claims, and we don't want $2 million claims hitting the budget of the employer self-insured plan. 

But if you go back to earlier times when claims didn't get so big and stop-loss insurance for self-insured plans was just sort of starting out - it existed in one form or another before that, but it was generally had different names. 

In reality, in the early days, it was referred to as individual excess risk insurance. And of course, the aggregate protection was known as the aggregate excess risk insurance, excess risk being the term used to describe what happens to the claims over a certain amount.

If you’ve ever had any questions on specifics and how to utilize them appropriately, stay tuned as we delve into specifics of the specific deductible.

Press play above to dive into the full episode! 

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