New Year New Me? - Smart Broker Advice

There's no "sweet spot" in being a broker: you're either growing, or you're dying. Making plans, resolutions, and improving oneself year after year is non-optional in our business. And we love it. 

START FRESH with the episode [New Year New Me]. Get a portion of positive vibes, dive into the secrets of your prospect's behavior, and meet the Smart Broker Advice Monster. Tune in NOW! 

Many people in our industry choose to only learn through trial and error.
They waste a lot of time and energy walking on the same paths, over and over again, while more mature brokers listen to advice, watch out the sharp edges, and spend the same time prospecting and growing their business. 

If you're the second type, this episode is for you. 

The episode is short and to the point - so grab your note pad and pencil, pour yourself a cup of fresh coffee, and let's work on the future of your business together.

Here's what we covered: 

  • The difference between GOALS and OUTCOMES.
  • Why the Long Game of Business always pays off.
  • The secrets of the human brain: how to get in TOP 150 of your prospect's mind.
  • What sacrifice you need to make along the way.
  • How to reward yourself for your wins.
  • SPECIAL INSIGHT: Smart Broker Advice Monster.

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