No Pain, No Prospect: How to Win Clients & Eliminate the Dread of Free Consulting

Are you tired of providing free consulting?

Does it seem like you are constantly being taken advantage of by your so-called “prospects”?

Is your goal to escape the frustrating paradox of wanting to build goodwill with your potential clients only to be ghosted for the anticipated follow -up meeting?

If so, then keep reading because this post was meant for you.

Dealing with this is perfectly normal for anyone in the business of consulting, in fact, it still happens to me on occasion.

My experience has taught me that this problem originates from the lack of abilities to quickly identify your prospect's pain points, set clear expectations for the next steps, and strategically navigate them through your sales process by using their problems
as ammunition.

Today’s video shows you how to begin developing all these skills. In addition to covering the blueprints of a “consultant mindset”, so that you can seamlessly tie them all together.

After this video I promise that you will no longer sacrifice your knowledge and time, just to find out that they ended up signing agreement forms with Johnn-Boy down the street.

If this helps you then let me know what you learned in the comments?

Here’s What We Cover:

  1. Opening Questions guaranteed to extract emotional drivers
  2. The Hidden Power of Being Vague
  3. How to Get Your Prospect to Say Yes
  4. Scheduling and Objection Handling Skills
  5. How to Eloquently Push Back Your Prospect using Tripwires
  6. The Mindset of A Valuable Consultant

To a better you!

John Sbrocco & the team at Heads Up Adviser

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