Q&A with the CFO with Gary Bender


Meet Gary Bender, John Sbrocco, Craig Lack, Paul Seegert, and 6 other speakers at HIGH STAKES ADVISING 2020
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Do you feel like the amount of work you put into your brokerage business, does not correlate with your income, and you definitely deserve more? 

Just like all roads lead to Rome, all problems in healthcare prospecting happen for two reasons: 

1) You either talk to people that are NOT the decision makers, or...

2) You fail to differentiate yourself from your competitors.

But there's also the third reason... a lie. You'll be surprised by how many CFOs lie to you (and to themselves) about their role, position, and motives. Luckily, there's one CFO that will tell you the truth, and give you honest answers on the most complicated questions, and we invited him on the Heads Up Adviser show. 

TUNE IN for our latest episode [Q&A with the CFO] with Gary Bender, and find out how to "hack the CFO code," stop wasting time with non-decision makers, and close more deals in a shorter time. 


Don't forget that you can meet Gary Bender and 10 other amazing professionals in Healthcare, Sales & Marketing at the High Stakes Advising, 2020. (new date to be announced soon)

To a better you!

John Sbrocco and Craig Lack

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