FANOCRACY with David Meerman-Scott


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Team Coca-Cola. Team Audi. Team Apple. Team... [YOUR BROKERAGE COMPANY].

It's a paradox, but we find most connections inside a specific group by separating ourselves from the crowd. 

Not only do we become loyal to the brand that brought us together and find it hard to replace, but we defend our choice in front of our colleagues, friends and family, convincing them to join in. 

So is it possible to create a "tribe" in B2B business and specifically insurance, which most clients find... boring? Will HRs, CFOs, and CEOs passionately discuss your brokerage company at a cocktail party with their peers, telling them what an enjoyable experience they had? 

One man knows.

David Meerman-Scott is joining us on the Heads Up Adviser Show to talk about the concept of "Fanocracy" described in his latest book, which he co-authored with his daughter Reiko Scott.

TUNE IN for our latest episode [FANOCRACY: Turning Prospects Into Raving Fans with David Meerman-Scott], and learn how to create a passion for your company and service, attract clients and keep them (almost) forever.  


Here's what we cover:  

- The difference between FANDOM and FANOCRACY

- Examples of companies that built a tribe

- Fanocracy for B2B business

- How to leverage Linkedin, Facebook & Instagram for building a tribe of fans

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To a better you!

John Sbrocco and Craig Lack

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