The Best Of Marketing - Tony J. Hughes, Neal Schaffer, Jeffrey Gitomer, Mark Hunter


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We took the BEST episodes on Marketing and made sure you get the information - short, to the point, and practical. 

Tony J. Hughes - Jeffrey Gitomer - Neal Schaffer - Mark Hunter

27 minutes of PURE GOLD for insurance brokers. 

Welcome "The Best Of Heads Up Adviser - Marketing For Insurance Brokers".

This episode covers: 

✔️ Combo Prospecting Approach With Tony J. Hughes: how to break through to your prospects

✔️ How To Build Relationships With Customers - advice from Jeffrey Gitomer

✔️ Master your prospecting on Social Media with Neal Schaffer

✔️ Long-lasting MOTIVATION with Mark Hunter


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To a better you!

John Sbrocco and Craig Lack

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