(dis) Qualifying Meeting With A Prospect

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Kobe Bryant once said: "A lot of people say they want to be great, but they're no willing to make the sacrifices necessary to achieve greatness." 

So what does it take to become a great, fearless closer in the  brokerage business that views pressure as a new opportunity and knows how to grow their book of business in any market condition? 

The same thing top athletes do to become champions. You've got to make the moves that no one expects from you - neither your competitors nor your prospects. 

TUNE IN for this week's special episode with John Sbrocco and Craig Lack - "disQUALIFYING Meeting With A Prospect." 
Here's what we cover: 

✔️ How to sweat more in practice to avoid bleeding in a battle
✔️ Your prospects do not expect you to do THIS at the meeting...
✔️ Using market data and industry average to close the deal

Virtue Health introduces a new, full-stack healthcare solution for advisers managing small to midsize employers.

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To a better you!
John Sbrocco & Craig Lack
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