Winter Is Coming - The Survival Kit For Healthcare Brokers

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As we're slowly walking into the busiest season of the year for us, some brokers create strategic plans RIGHT NOW, while others decide to "go with the flow..." or "do it later..."  

We offer you to mend your sails while the weather is fine.

TUNE IN for the latest episode of the Heads Up Adviser Show - "Winter Is Coming: The Survival Kit For Healthcare Brokers" with John Sbrocco and Craig Lack. 

Here's what we cover: 

  • make your next BREAKTHROUGH
  • take advantage of new opportunities, 
  • how to plan your conversion in 2021-2022


Virtue Health introduces a new, full-stack healthcare solution for advisers managing small to midsize employers.

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To a better you!

John Sbrocco & Craig Lack

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