Tech-Powered Sales For Healthcare Brokers - with Tony J. Hughes

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"Don't confuse being ignored by being rejected"

- Tony J. Hughes

Statistically, salespeople spend 70% of their time on things that can be done by a tech. This means that every person who has not leveraged the game-changing sales technologies works at least 2.5X times more than they should. 

Salespeople are so focused on being busy instead of being productive that they have no time to close the deals! 

And here's what it leads to... 

The bad news is: 1/3 of those salespeople will disappear within a decade. 

The good news is: there's a huge shift of capital for those who stay on the market... 

And now the great news: in this episode of the Heads Up Adviser Show, the Global B2B Sales Expert Tony J. Hughes will present his new book "Tech-Powered Sales" and explain how to use technologies in your sales to get to the busy executives, CEOs, and CFOs. 

Now you get a chance to turn your prospecting into a "perpetuum mobile" with less effort and greater outcome. 

Here's what we cover: 

  • What are "EQ" and "TQ" and why you can't sell without it
  • How to create a level of value as opposed to "providing information."
  • What should brokers do to keep from obsolete in the healthcare business?

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    To a better you!

    John Sbrocco & Craig Lack

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