The Follow-Up: how to revive last year's prospects

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Don't feel like cold-calling lately? Here's an idea: let's pull the list of prospects you pirched last year. The ones you never called back after they stated they're planning to continue doing business with the incumbent... 

"I prospected them for two years straight. They were not ready for major change at first, plus their Fully Insured renewal was quite "okay." But the second year, I reached out to them 4 months before the renewal - and they said "Yes, we would like to look at it." That's how I closed the deal."

( Virtue Hunters Club Broker ) 

Does this mean good things still come to those who wait? Can your last year's prospect become your ultimate opportunity in 2022? Let's find out. 

Join John Sbrocco and Craig Lack for this week's episode of the Heads Up Adviser Show: "THE FOLLOW-UP: how to revive last year's prospects." 

Get insights on: 
✔️ Evaluating failures: how to do things differently and avoid repeating previous mistakes
✔️ Start strong: the first reach out after a year of silent mode. 

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John Sbrocco & Craig Lack

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