What is Achieve Health Alliance? And How It Made Me An Extra 70k 

If I could show you how to earn an extra 25 thousand dollars without closing a new client would you be interested?

Many of you who have been following Heads Up Adviser for quite some time know that one of our solutions is called “Achieve Health Alliance”.

Achieve Health Alliance is a product we created with the purpose to disrupt the status quo and shock the healthcare brokerage industry. From years of real-world experience with our clients, we noticed that the most substantial advantages to managing healthcare come only when you restructure how you manage and finance risk.

Essentially, by optimizing the design, communication, and delivery of healthcare you can create more value compared to all conventional thinking.

So, where does this leave our beloved small and midsize businesses? These businesses serve as the lifeblood of the U.S economy yet are unfairly represented with medical plans that are guaranteed to lose money every year which has killed the living wages of working Americans.

That my friends is exactly why Achieve Health Alliance was created, as an opportunity for businesses with 25-500 enrolled members to gain access to top risk management strategies.

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In this video, I explain why Achieve Health Alliance is the ONLY program that lets brokers, employers, stop-loss carriers, and MGU's work together to increase healthcare savings.

Here’s what we cover:

  • The Birth of Achieve Health Alliance
  • Why Private Pools are more Risk-Averse than Public Pools
  • The Best Strategies to Prevent Specific and Aggregate Claims

To a better you,

John Sbrocco & the Team at Heads Up Adviser.

P.S. I saved the best for last. If you want proven risk management strategies that will grow your business and deliver better results for your clients the team at HeadsUp Adviser has agreed to open its doors for the partnership of a few select independent consultants. Seating is limited and we can’t guarantee that we have the capacity to handle all of our new additions. So why not achieve better results today?

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