Why Are Super Utilizers So Important?

When a famous criminal, Willie Sutton, was asked why he robbed banks, his answer proved short and sweet.

He replied, “Because that’s where the money is”.

In their book “Cracking Health Costs” Tom Emerick and Al Lewis embarked on a mission to save companies and employees money by reducing health care costs. To begin this quest they had to answer the all-encompassing question….“What drives costs?”

This question required a solution-based approach, in which they found that the real-life “robbers” were the less than 20% of employees that were responsible for 80% of claim costs. The healthcare industry calls these robbers “Super-Utilizers”.

When it comes to managing self-funded groups it all boils down to claims. Your prospect may ask, how do you reduce claim costs while maintaining quality?

And your answer should be: “How much authority will give me to take your 5 million spend down to 3 million?

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This week we cover:

  • How to identify, calculate, and mitigate your Super-Utiizers
  • Why you should adopt the role of an “Active Manager”
  • The TOP 10 claim conditions
  • The best ways to deal with “Cultural Backlash”
  • How to Handle Risk by Negotiation
  • Risk Management 101- Avoidance, Reduction, Retention, and Transfer

To a better you!

John Sborroco & the team at Heads Up Adviser


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