How To Eat Your Way To Success


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Did you ever think that your immune system, energy, productivity, and results of the day can be dependent on what you ate for breakfast?

It's no news that a healthy mind can only live in a healthy body. However, most diets and meal plans do not take into consideration that people could have a JOB and a busy schedule...

We've decided to fix this unfortunate misunderstanding between the healthy lifestyle coaches and insurance brokers, and invited Nikki Cohn-Byrd, who understands both sides of the story.
Nikki is the CEO of Welliance America, with a background in the insurance industry.

[TUNE IN NOW] for the latest episode - [HOW TO EAT YOUR WAY TO SUCCESS] to learn all the DOs and DON'Ts of achieving maximum level of energy throughout the day. 


Here's what we cover:

  • How to choose the right diet
  • Eating on the road
  • Everything you were asking about Keto
  • Sleep-food-work - how to keep the balance

Remember, while everyone else will have extra weight after the quarantine, you will come out at a high level of productivity and healthy habits.


Don't forget to download your WEBINAR SWIPE FILE for free. 

To a better you!

John Sbrocco and Craig Lack

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