The Numbers Behind A Winning Self-Insured Plan - with Kevin O'Kane

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The Universe speaks in numbers, and Self-Insured Plans are no exception. 

Kevin O'kane, the creator of Sihra, who's been designing Self-Insured Plans for over 30 years, is confident that behind every great plan, there is a specific formula, while each failed one ignored it at some point. 

While one class of brokers still considers it rocket science, others follow simple but effective rules, create more protection for their clients through Self-Insured Plans, and double their brokerage income at the same time.

[IN THE TRENCHES with Kevin O'Kane: The Numbers Behind A Winning Self-Insured Plan  episode is filled with insights on the Self-Funding industry, as well as honest conversations and valuable opinions. 

Here's what we cover: 

  • The actual data behind every self-insured plan, and how you can use it to protect your clients
  • Waiver Premium For Medical - how to play that trump card during your presentation
  • How to keep your client from the rate increase for 20+ years
  • Why the brokers still want to sell Fully-Insured plans, and how you get a competitive advantage
  • Self-Insured vs Fully Insured Plans: the bold facts.

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