Direct Contracts vs Bundle Procedures


It's scary to be a pioneer, especially in the healthcare industry.That's why most companies tend to choose "safe," and "tested" solutions that are already familiar to their employees. 

However, some of us are not afraid to risk and present something new to the prospects and maybe even have an argument explaining our point of view. 

Dutch Rojas is one of those in the front line, who went into the business of direct contracts and bundle procedures. And today, he's sharing his honest experience of dealing with the clients, his prospecting tips, and that thing he heads from a large Fortune 500 company.

TUNE IN for the latest episode of the Heads Up Adviser Show - "Direct vs Bundle with Dutch Rojas" to get the answers to major questions about direct contracts and bundle procedures, in casual friendly talk.


Here's what you will learn:

  • What is the difference between direct contracts and bundle procedures (and what they have in common)
  • What do companies in Silicon Valley want from healthcare
  • Is a bundle for maternity really a good idea? 
  • Top problems you might face with bundle procedures
  • Virtual Primary Care explained

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To a better you!

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