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In this episode, John Sbrocco and Craig Lack highlight key sales and marketing strategies for running and turbocharging a successful brokerage business. 


It all really starts with developing the core story of your messaging and then you build everything around it. 

So, how do you develop that "core story"? I like an exercise that I was put through in the past. The main idea is there are different pitches and different presentations. So what's your 10-second presentation? 

And the example was always - "You're in an elevator, they've got the badge, you figure out you have something in common, and you strike up a conversation. What do you say in 10 seconds to grab their attention and not make them want to run away?" 

Then we move on. What's your 30-second pitch? What's your 60-second pitch? And then going all the way up - and including - what I love chatting Amanda Holmes refers to as "Your Stadium Pitch." You're in a stadium. And there are 80 000 people there. What are you going to say in your stadium pitch? 

In the healthcare brokerage business, things are not as simple to describe. But you've got to simplify your pitch, even if it doesn't cover everything. Because in reality, you've got a very limited timeframe to grab your prospect's attention. 

So, if you're starting fresh, you're a new adviser, and you're building out your marketing in 2023 - part 1 is your digital presence. Because most of your marketing can do your selling. If you don't pay attention to Personal Branding, it can only hurt your business if your prospects look you up and don't know who you are. 

The prospects are going to research you online themselves and make a determination based on what they see, what they read and what they watch. You're going to be weighted and measured. And if you're found wanting, you're probably not going to get them as a new client. 

Some brokers make the mistake of branding their company instead of themselves. But this is not a go-to strategy for Small-to-Midsize Businesses (including brokers.) Come up with your "WHY," name it, claim it, and frame it - and get it out there.

And by the way, the website is not a conversion place. If you're going after employers, forget about the "Contact Us" section - they don't usually fill out the form and say: "Call me!" You need to give them something that they want. You've got to have things (digital assets) that you trade for their contact details. Such digital assets may be your book, a PDF download, a test, a checklist, or a webinar. 

Possible topics can include: 

- What's the Top 5 Concerns that CFOs have? 
- What's the Top 5 Concerns of the CEOs? 
- Top Ways to Lower Your Healthcare Spend. 

Don't create long forms, as this can lower your conversions. Create an email input form, and look your prospects up online on Linkedin or programs like "Seamless." You can get people from your website, even if there's minimal traffic - you just shape it in a way that it has a higher conversion rate. 

Every broker has their personality. Match your presentation and your story to who you are. Be authentic. If you're a "ra-ra" person - make that your strength. If you're hyper-analytical - make THAT your strength. We all have a million stories from our own customers. So if I looked at, unbundles, and got granular on claims on any self-funded case, 90% of the frequency of claims are prescriptions, primary specialist lab, and X-Ray. And RX is 10-12X of any other claim. So how about: 

"The 5 most common complaints of employees at the pharmacy"? 

Unaffordability of prescriptions - that is what everybody experiences. The inability to afford a high deductible. The reasons why people don't renew their prescriptions. There are a million stories. Start sharing them. 

Don't be afraid to be provocative because marketers know - that's the best way to convert. Like they say, there's money in people that love you and people that hate you. There's no money in-between. 

The question you've got to ask yourself is, "Do you want to be remembered, or do you want to be ignored?" It's that simple. Because if you're not willing to be a little controversial and instead you prefer milk toast - you're going to commoditize yourself, which the marketplace for the most part, already believes all healthcare consultants, advisors, and brokers are. The commodity. So don't be that person. 

Key points of discussion:
✔️ How to develop your "core story"
✔️ Topics for digital assets to boost your conversion
✔️ Outbound marketing that leads to sales

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To a better you!
John Sbrocco & Craig Lack

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