Combo Prospecting - with Tony J. Hughes

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Salespeople are so focused on being busy instead of being productive that they have no time to close the deals!

This week, we brought you a genius in online cross-channel marketing and communication, the author of a bestselling book, "Combo Prospecting" - Tony J. Hughes. 

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Right before my flying instructor let me go solo, he asked me: "What's the definition of confidence?"
I said: "Confidence is when skill and experience come together."
He responded: "No. Confidence is the feeling you have just before you understand the situation."

I've carried this through my whole life in business. There's always something going on inside the customer organization with politics, projects, and initiatives all competing for funding. With desperate competitors approaching your prospects and clients, you've got to be "positively paranoid," not confident and complacent.

The failure rates in B2B selling are climbing every single year. It's getting increasingly difficult to be successful, and yet the reality is it's never been easier. The tools, information, and different channels available to us should be making it easier. And in my view, the reason people's pipelines are drying up is they've stopped using the phone. They've stopped time-blocking daily activity to go and build a high-quality sales pipeline. People have bought into this false notion that if they groom their Linkedin profile and do a little bit of marketing, then the world will be the path to their door - and it's just not true. 

Besides, we need to target the right buyer personas. I would argue we've got to go and get to the person with economic power in the decision-making process. So, rather than HR people, we need to get to the financial control of the CFO, and be able to have conversations with them that they regard as highly relevant. 

One of the rules of selling that normally works against us is we get delegated down to what it sounds like we deserve to speak. So if you talk about lower order issues, if you talk about healthcare to the CFO, who think: "There's someone in HR that looks after employee benefits" - and they'll just try to push you off there. And the reality is, you need to start HIGH in an account, and you need to anchor value, and get SPONSORED down - not delegated down - so you've got access to come back. 
Key points of discussion:
✔️Learn how to keep an overflowing pipeline
✔️ How to become the emotional favorite
✔️ The top-selling tool for the digital age
✔️ What in the hell is a trigger event, and why they are the biggest secret in prospecting
✔️ The #1 combination approach to prospecting

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