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New Year's resolutions tend to be made in contrast to our existing habits. Bad habits stick with people because they have immediate benefits, like making us feel better in the short-term. Everybody wants "NOW" - i.e. quick, almost guaranteed results, even if they are brought by the habits that damage life, health, and career. 

Most people tend to overestimate how easy it is to change their behavior. They calm their inner doubts with the promises to achieve their goals "one day," and this day never comes. 

The process of change starts with cleaning up the space. This means - letting go of the habits, events, and people that no longer serve you on the path to your best self. 

Craig Lack: 

"Your decision to make a change happens in an instant. And you'll never be the same. People always look to New Year's resolutions, stating: "I've got to do this..." and "I've got to do that..." And I look at it through the lens of - most success in life, strangely enough, isn't adding new stuff. And this is a paradox. You're going to get far more out of letting go of stuff, getting rid of stuff, bad ideas about money, fear of success - all these crazy belief systems that you might be unconscious about. But when you expose yourself to people, knowledge, information, systems, and processes that show you better ways to do things that allow you to get rid of things - growth can be exponential." 

John Sbrocco: 

"You may be the best in the office, but doing everything on your own will never let you scale at a level beyond your possibilities and your schedule. A good example to describe this is - when you ride a motorcycle, they teach you to keep your eyes ahead because that's where the bike goes. As soon as you start to look at what you're trying to avoid - you'll run into it. There are people who hit trees and various obstacles because when they go around them - they focus on those obstacles."

TUNE IN for the episode of the Heads Up Adviser Show: "New Year, New Me" with John Sbrocco and Craig Lack. 

Get insights on how the winners plan a year ahead, and how to turn your dreams and goals into reality in 2023!

Key points of discussion:
✔️Let it go. How to start making changes today
✔️ Your environment, under a magnifying glass
✔️ The power of discipline

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John Sbrocco & Craig Lack

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